finis initium

35581kafu_w.jpg25 settembre 2001. cominciava il XXI secolo. dopo il tramonto delle ideologie, l’abbrivo parte dall’economia.

Saddam Hussein’s regime is fallen and with it
thousands of innocent victims and umpteen thousands of
iraqi’s soldiers. But Saddam disappeared with his billions
of dollars and no single weapon of mass-destruction was found
Instead of providing food and water to the iraqi people and
protecting their invaluable ancient treasures they only secure
the minstry of oil and every oil extraction installation. But
that’s no surprise, we always knew the real reasons for this
damn war: oil, oil and oil, We also know what the rebuilding of
iraq means: american companies sell their expensive equipment
and rebuilding skills against cheap iraqi oil. This means a
double advantage for the us economy: selling expensive orders
and buying cheap oil! In fact the us economy was the only one
who really wanted this war and it’s really alarming how powerful
they already are that they can fight wars for economic reasons.


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